Braga - Portugal
A Arte dos Cavalos numa Academia Irreverente

Academia Equestre Arte Lusitana 
Guided by the principals, rules and methods of modern equestrian education, our teaching is adjusted specifically to the trainee so he can get the most out of the lessons which are organized in three different levels of equestrian learning:
•  Vaulting
•  Medium level
•  Advanced level (teaching and obstacles)

 During the vacation periods we also organize spare time programmes.

Laje - Vila Verde (North of Portugal)
Equestrian Shows and Events

We promote and organize birthday parties, christenings, tours, congresses, and other events, along with Equestrian Shows and a high quality catering service. The Equestrian Shows are always accompanied by music and they excel by their beauty, imagination and artistic presentations.

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 Equestrian Show
 Equestrian Show 
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